Lead Tech

$55,000 - $70,000 yearly
  • VOX Integrations
  • Austin, TX, USA
  • Jun 08, 2021
Full time Programmer Technician Technician Management

Job Description



The Lead Technician, is the technical leader of the primary technical field crew for their team. the Lead Technician must oversee the primary implementation of projects from initial wire pulls to Client training in an on-site, hands-on capacity. The entire technical field staff on the team looks to the Lead Technician, for training, guidance, technical knowledge and actual systems implementation. When technical and logistical problems arise on the site, the Lead Technician is responsible for both communicating this to the team and solving the problem on site. Cooperating with the Programmer is paramount to the effective, timely completion of projects in an increasingly software centric industry. Finally, communicating with Management all aspects of project implementation and status is critical to the health of the team and the project. Ultimately, the quality of an installed system is a direct result of the skills and dedication of the Lead Technician responsible for that system.


Required Skills


  • Strong familiarity with practical AND theoretical concepts of Analog and Digital signal path, transmission, encoding, and basic theory, as it applies to Audio, Video, Software and Telecommunications Systems.
  • Basic knowledge of DSP as it applies to Audio, Surround Processing and Digital Video systems.
  • Can describe core HDTV, Projection, and Video Display Technology.
  • Able to assemble, without guidance, an entire intelligent Cinema and Whole House Control and Distribution System, including all hardware and core software.
  • Familiar with all VOX Integrations ended products.
  • Can program at a basic level at least some VOX products.
  • Able to perform Laptop based setup of surround processors and other intelligent devices.
  • Can terminate all standards of cabling used in AV and Network based systems
  • Can oversee implementation, and displays a thorough understanding of, residential and commercial wiring standards and practices.
  • Strong, broad computer skills in a Windows and or iOS environment.
  • Can describe and integrate with the process of large residential construction from a practical and organizational standpoint.
  • Communicates well with influentials and team members.
  • Possesses the right to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Able to lead a team in a constructive, motivational manner.
  • Capable of teaching others.
  • Can perform project tracking of inventory, costs and punch lists, as well as the tasks and time of his or her crew, and report effectively to the Project Manager.




  • Verify the proper implementation and technical functionality of wiring infrastructures.
  • Verify that the systems as designed will function prior to ordering and delivery.
  • Verify order status and delivery of all required materials to the site on schedule.
  • Schedule manpower, with the Project Manager, for system implementation.
  • Oversee timely, quality completion of projects on site.
  • Develop relationships with Superintendents and other Site Management to help guarantee VOX Integrations meets Design/Build Team schedules.
  • Oversee and participate in the implementation of VOX Integrations Systems, while directing other non-lead technicians.
  • Train clients.
  • Write systems operation guides as needed.
  • Verify the proper operation of finalized systems.
  • Perform post-sales service as needed.
  • Track status on previously installed systems.
  • Manage computer and paper based reporting of project status and implementation.
  • Manage reporting of time for self and other non lead technicians.
  • Report technical, personnel and organizational problems to Management


Associated Responsibilities


  • Assist in whatever capacity necessary for the completion of projects and the ultimate satisfaction of VOX Integrations Clientele.
  • Remain fluent in the most current relevant technologies.



2-5 Years