Cornerstone Billing Solutions

Cornerstone Billing makes subscriber account management easier for security alarm company owners and office managers. Dealers turn to Cornerstone to get:
*Better software, e.g. upgrading from QuickBooks
*A guarantee that billing gets done, on time, no matter what
*More consistent cash flow driven by more consistent billing
*More autopay options - EFT, credit card, and online payment

Cornerstone's comprehensive billing and payment processing services, tools to aid collections work, and friendly, 'hands-on'​ dealer support, has established it as an industry leader. At the heart of its solution is a powerful but user-friendly software package--built specifically for security companies.

The secret of Cornerstone's success is our commitment to making complex and repetitive tasks automated and easy to manage. We have invested more than 20 years understanding the unique needs and problems of dealers. This specialization has enabled Cornerstone to build a highly secure, expertly-managed system that gives our dealers more control and more information, without the administrative burden of managing their recurring transactions in-house. More here:

As our dealers grow, their need to improve their efficiency grows as well. The bottom line is that by plugging into the power of Cornerstone's 24x7 online system, their account management becomes much better, faster and easier. They leverage our service and staff to help build their account base and improve retention through pro-active customer support.