Kevin Crouse Audio Design

Job Description

Kevin Crouse Audio Design is looking for a full-time Inventory Manager / Van & Site Clean Up at their Hillside, NJ warehouseThis is a great position with a small company that offers the opportunity for growth.  The expectation is that in 6 months to one year, this position will evolve into an entry-level A/V Technician.  

TheInventory Manager / Van & Site Clean Up is responsible for managing warehouse inventory: electronics, supplies and miscellaneous items needed for KCAD installs.  This individual is responsible for cleaning and re-organizing our vans (2) at the end of each day.  

Required Skills:

  • This position requires a candidate that is organized,detail-oriented,responsible, accountable and is able to work independently in an unsupervised environment.
  • Desire to have a career in A/V installation with future programming opportunities for residential homes and small businesses.  Through this position, the employee will learn a great deal about the installation process, required parts and team; preparing to be an A/V Technician.

An Inventory Manager / Van & Site Clean Up will utilize the following skills and more as the position changes:

  • Dedicated to the position, team and each client's job; undertaking and completing all work in a responsible and diligent manner
  • Possess excellent time management skills, including extremely organized 
  • Ability to communicate team members
  • Receive orders
  • Match orders to jobs
  • Prepare all necessary items for a job and organize them as they should be used
  • Load & unload van

Basic Qualifications:

  • 18 years of age 
  • Valid Driver’s License & Clean Driving Record
  • Have your own vehicle
  • Must be able to independently drive to job sites to deliver supplies when needed 
  • Independent Contractor, Full Time
  • $15/hour