Americhip, Inc.

Americhip is the global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of advertising and marketing, and digital signage technologies to the world’s top agencies and brands. Since our inception, we have been a pioneer and thought leader in the development of advanced communication tools. Our products are ideal for businesses looking to drive their brand message through a low total-cost-of-ownership and continually high return-on-investment.

Our in-house team of experts’ design and produce a full range of solutions that help businesses deliver their message and intimately connect to their audience. Americhip incorporates video, audio, lights, dimensional and other exciting, emerging technologies to offer an arsenal of highly effective, custom communication vehicles.

With the continued global confluence of innovations in wireless, information technology, big data, digital media, and social media, businesses are constantly seeking new and original ways to gain mind share and extend brand reach. Our relentless quest to spur ingenuity has transformed the way businesses and brands communicate with their audience.