Newvision Security, LLC

Learn About Newvision Security in North Dakota

Across North Dakota, Newvision Security is the local industry leader in residential and commercial security. Operating for over twenty years, Newvision Security has the people, technology, and processes in place to provide the best security systems in America. Every security situation is different and requires professional attention to every detail. Our highly trained technicians can assess your security needs and provide valuable solutions to protect your home or business.

With access to the most recent residential and commercial security products, Newvision Security is at the cutting edge of the security industry in North Dakota. From 24/7 monitoring to ultra-high definition security cameras our systems create a level of safety that gives the peace of mind your business or home deserves.

Beyond security systems and cameras, electronic card access systems are also available with Newvision Security. For any large commercial space, these electronic card access systems can monitor and control any door access point. This is especially important to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas.

Protecting commercial property even further Newvision Security also installs fire monitoring systems. Newvision Security’s technicians can install smoke alarms, fire strobes, pull-down alarms, and sirens. The fire monitoring system can be integrated with your fire sprinkler’s and even turn off your heat when an alarm is activated. With around the clock fire protection, your business will be safer than ever before.

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